Sunday, March 11, 2018

10 Good Reasons Why Men Are So Jealous In A Relationship

It's not that guys are perpetually jealous. A guy might have acquired the obsessive kind of jealousy on account of past experiences with girlfriends who have cheated on him. But the truth is, uncontrolled jealousy damages a relationship by losing the essential bond of trust.

When a man jealous, it diminishes quality time together and leads to numerous fights that deal with each other’s short comings and negative qualities.

Below are the 10 good reasons why most men are so jealous in a relationship;

1. Laughing at another guy's joke:  If something is funny, you can't help but laugh. But this can make him jealous.

2. When he sees you talking to a male friend he doesn't know: A jealous man will want to know the kind of business you have with him.

3.  If you are on online chatting and laughing: He might think that you are chatting with a male friend.

4. When a guy admires you in his presence: Most men don't have the potency to resist it. But this can make him jealous.

5. When you mistakenly miss his calls: A jealous man think something is happening at that moment,  he'll keep on calling you until you pick his call.

6. If she's the type that comes from work late: What are you doing there so late? Are you having an affair? He always eager to know where she is at any moment.

7.  Bringing up good times with an ex: It makes him feels that he is not good enough for you.

8. When you go to a party without him and post tons of photos to Instagram with another guy: The man thinking will be complex after seeing those photos. Any man that loves his girlfriend will never like to share it with any man.

9. Having a male best friend: It doesn't matter how ironclad the relationship is, he must jealous.

10. Add your own below.

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