Sunday, February 04, 2018

Wow! This Nigerian Couple’s 9 Year Transformation Is Everything (Photos)

Nigerian couple display no formula to love or dating. While some people say once you date for long, the possibility of getting married is narrow. The longer the courtship, the stronger the union.

The bride-to-be @estherpree wrote on Instagram;

wheeew, its very overwhelming how we got here boo, its actually 9yrs, nine gud years when you toasted me in d most weirdest way ever (lol, we’v been friends for a while sha), you said and i quote “well, everybody is already saying we are dating, so why don’t we just date?”. Hmmm, i was laughing very hard and childishly said “okay den, why not”, and booom, dat was it. Yes Yes Yes, i am already writing a diary but without even saying all i want to cos 9rs ain’t a joke. In jst nine days i would be saying ” I DO” to d one person i truly call my personal person nd find peace. what kept us dis long and still head over hills for us.
dat answer i do not have and will never have cos u ain’t perfect baby, but its ur little imperfect qualities combined dat makes u perfect just for me. In 9days, u would be wrapped in a shinny gift wrap, and wld be singed sealed and delivered to me from heaven to keep forever, and u will be d greatest gift and treasure i will ever receive (dats until our babies starts flowing in ).

I love d man u’v been all these years, and i pray u become a better part of urself dat i am yet to experience. My pudding, my male kabuby (laughs), the only man dat has kept me stuck for 9 straight years whoop whoop—u deserve a medal baby. #eslee2018

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