Monday, December 04, 2017

How To Avoid Being Stabbed To Death By Your Wife

Recent studies have shown that many young guys are afraid of getting married these days just because of the increased rate which women stab their husband to death. 

Just of a recent, a woman was accused of stabbing her husband to death in Abuja because she suspected that her husband is cheating on her. Well, in this my article I try to highlight what a husband should do in case he suspects that her wife is trying to take laws into her hands.

1) Avoid unnecessary arguments : This is not the best time to argue with your wife since she is not happy with you probably she thinks you are cheating on her. Just keep quiet and avoid exchanging words with each other as she may attack you with anything around her because she is totally angry.

2) Don't stay close to any sharp objects : Avoid going close to where something like bottles, knife, etc because she may likely raise it and hit you at that moment. Steer clear from where all types of sharp objects are in order to be at a safer side.

3) Call your close friend : If it is possible to call your close friend to settle the dispute amicably, please kindly do that in order for the problem not to escalate.

4) Leave the house : This is very important if you have called your close friend but she doesn't want to listen. Why can't you just follow that your friend to his house at that moment pending when her mind will calm down then come back?

5)Avoid cheating in relationship : Well, there is no smoke without fire, I think before your partner will accuse you of cheating on her, she may have monitored or discovered that you are into another lady which is painful. So, avoid cheating of any kind but if you are tired of her, why can't you save each other the stress of quarreling everyday and separate for sometime in order for you not to be by your partner.

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Written by Wisdom Nwedene

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